Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lost At Sea

I went kayaking down the mighty IL River this weekend, and I figured it would be a great opportunity to try out both my new G1's camera and some Android GPS tracking software (on the G1)...

The sea was angry that day, my friends. A giant wave overtook me and my little boat, sinking the lot of us, and when I surfaced I found that both my G1 and my keys were gone. The keys, of course were mostly unduplicated -- I had a valet key stored at my mom's, but I had never bothered to make copies of my apartment keys (which in hindsight seems like it would have been a good idea).

While everyone else went off to Fast Eddie's in Alton, me, my passenger (Laura, whose keys were in my car), and a friend (Jenn) with AAA coverage hung out at the kayak place, waiting for a tow truck to come open the car. Even though it wasn't her car, the AAA coverage somehow applied, and that didn't end up costing anything other than time.

A day later, I'm back in my apartment (my landlord gave me the orignal set of keys, for me to copy and return). I have my valet key, and a new phone will be in the mail in the morning. Last week, when the T-Mobile salesman asked if I wanted to pay $6/month for insurance, I almost said no, but he specifically mentioned water damage, and I thought of the upcoming kayak trip and said yes. So, for $6 plus my $130 deductible (which feels like a rip-off), I'm getting a new phone. I'll call the Honda dealer in the morning to see about getting a new key. I remember them telling me when I bought the car that the keys are expensive, because of some chip inside them, but I'm hoping that the phone will remain the costliest part of the day.

Sadly, I'll have to take bolt cutters to my bike lock.



  1. Turns out the phone was not the most expensive to replace. :)

  2. Nope, the key ended up being $150 :(

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