Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chain Update

Ok, so several weeks ago I started a chain. The idea was to get out and ride (or otherwise exercise) for 5 hours a week (up from zero). For a couple weeks I diligently blogged my progress, and then I stopped reporting.

The good news is that even though I wasn't talking about my progress, my chain does remain intact. I've gotten a ton of biking in, seen lots of deer and turkey families, and annihilated my previous record by riding 92 miles one particularly energetic week!

I'm starting to really appreciate St. Louis' (and Missouri's) great bike culture. I live in the city (proper), and I have several nearby options for after-work rides, and some great longer trails for the weekends. If I ever end up in another city I imagine I'll miss the environment here, so I'm definitely trying to appreciate it while I'm here.

1 comment:

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